You are not alone, by Rose

Hey there! Work should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Ideally, you should love what you do. But why do so many women settle for less? I've taken a break from running my store for the past few months, but I'm doing okay, and we're okay, too. Sometimes, it's important to step back and reevaluate things. It makes a difference.
Today is the first day that I'm feeling better, and I've decided to spend some time with Bella Rosa, my store, and journaling. I realized that I had abandoned my passion, which was not cool. Sometimes that voice of doubt can be so loud! Have you ever felt like that? But trust me, I fight it too. I am someone who nurtures what I believe will come to fruition, even if it's not in my time but God's time.
Suppose you are feeling lost and unsure. What do you do? Where do you go? How do you nurture yourself and ignore the voices? I’m curious.🤔
Ok, gotta get back to filling orders. 🛍️
Thanks for reading and for your continued support. Hope to read your comments.
Blessings, Rose XO
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