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Kids Shiny Rain Bucket Hat

Kids Shiny Rain Bucket Hat

Shiny kids hat? SO ADORABLE!!

Shiny kids hat that doesn't get wet in the rain? SO FUNCTIONAL!!!

Our Kids Shiny Rain Bucket Hat is a MUST-HAVE for all the little kiddies out there! It's fashionable, it's practical, & a necessity for keeping cute while keeping the cold, wet rain off your head!

This hat is for ages 2-9 years old, and has an ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING to adjust for whatever size you need! So you buy it now, and in 3 months your kids head grows a little bigger!? No need to buy a new hat - just adjust the size!

So not only is it a perfect choice for kids, but it's a perfect choice for your wallet as well!

Available in colors black, hot pink & lavender.

Product Details :

  • 100% PU
  • One Size
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